Our Digital Brand Management Process For Small Businesses

Making digital marketing and design decisions is not an easy task for small businesses in this day and age. There’s a good chance that you get inundated with phone calls, from sales reps, that are talking about the best digital marketing solution for you and your company. You may have created a website using a freelancer who understood how to do web design, but wasn’t a resource for the rest of your needs. Maybe you even tried to sit down with one of the premium web design agencies or digital marketing providers in the city you live in.  One thing you probably know, if you’ve been looking for a great digital solution for you company, is that there are many different solutions and you can spend a lot of money trying to figure out what the right solution for you is.

At The Dibraco Agency, we know that each of our partners has different needs. You’ll see that statement a lot on our website, that’s because we live by it. Unless you’re in the digital industry, as a small business owner, you probably don’t understand all of the different solutions that exist. That makes sense because you probably understand your own business more than most people outside of your industry.

We want to understand your needs so that we can come up with a custom tailored solution to help you be proud of your online presence, but more importantly, we want to provide you with tangible results that impact your bottom line.

How Is Your Process Different Than Other Companies?

It starts with the beginning of our process. Unlike bigger agencies, we don’t turn customers away if they don’t have a budget of $10,000 or more. Regardless of your current budget, we’ll sit down with you and learn about where you are as a business and the type of digital marketing and website design support you need.

After we’ve talked to you about your goals and needs, we’ll explain to you some of the next steps that you should be taking to make the biggest impact in the areas that you’re trying to make an impact in. We’ll help you understand how digital marketing works. We’re not just talking about paid search, search engine optimization (SEO), or social media management; instead we talk about how they all work together in the bigger picture. When you leave our initial meeting, at the very least, you’ll have more of an understanding about the latest and greatest strategies and digital solutions that are out there for small businesses.

Up until this point, we haven’t charged you a dime. This is because employees at The Dibraco Agency know that by helping people understand the digital space, we’re building a relationship. At this point, if we determine that our companies aren’t a right fit, we’re still here as a resource for you to bounce ideas off of. If there is an opportunities for our companies to engage with each other, we’ll come up with a proposal based on your needs and budget. This proposal isn’t created to get every last dime out of our clients, but instead our proposal is developed to help hit the goals that your small business is trying to achieve. We also understand that by helping your company be successful, we can earn more of your business in the future.

How Do Your Digital Services Differ From Other Agencies?

We believe that words and ideas are only important if you can provide data to back those words up. Because of this, we make sure to install Google Analytics and Google Search Console (formerly webmaster tools) on each and every website we create. If you currently have a website, we’ll work hard to try and get it installed on that site as well (though sometimes we may not have the access to do so). This information is invaluable to small businesses and can help you and your company guide important online marketing decisions moving forward. Of course, not every company that we work with has a website, so we make sure these tools are installed from the get go.

When we start any website design project, we make sure to use a series of best practices to make sure that your sites are built with a foundation to make SEO, Social Media, and Paid Search more effective down the road.  We do this even if you aren’t using us for those digital marketing services. We also make sure that our clients’ websites are created using on-page conversion optimization strategies that have been shown to work. We’ll also explain to you exactly what that means if you’re feeling a little lost.

After your website has been launched, we aren’t going to just give you a monthly report to tell you about your traffic, we’ll actually take the time to sit down with you, show you the traffic that your site has generated, and teach you how to understand what it all means. We also train you on how to make updates to your website if we developed it. These services are thrown in at no extra charge to our clients. We believe that educating our digital marketing clients helps create better* business for us in the future. (*note that we said better, not more).

After we teach you about how to read and understand that data you’ve been collecting, we make recommendations for next steps. This may sound like an “upsell”, but when you meet with us, you’ll understand that we’re not trying to make a quick buck, we’re simply guiding you to decisions that make sense for your business. If you do decide to work with us, we’ll never put you in a contract, we choose to keep our customers by doing good work, not because we have a piece of paper.


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