Digital Marketing Solutions For Small Businesses

Exactly what is digital marketing? If you run a small business, you probably get calls everyday from some different companies telling you about the latest and greatest solution for your business. It’s hard to know which options you should choose because a good sales person can make any solution seem viable to you and your team. At The Dibraco Agency we have worked with many of the companies that make these calls and we understand that some of the solutions may be wonderful, just not for your company and not at the current time.

You’ve likely heard terms like SEO (search engine optimization) and PPC or Paid Search and most of you probably have some understanding of what these solutions are and how they work. While we may use the terms, the way we approach our digital marketing solutions is a little different. We may speak in terms of SEO and PPC, but we certainly don’t think in those terms. Instead, we think about digital brand management.

What Is Wrong With The Terms “SEO” or “PPC”?

Well, simply put, they are antiquated ideas from a time that websites were in the hands of IT professionals. Sometime around the launch of the first smart phones, websites started to become a function of the marketing department, not the IT department. SEO was a tactic aimed at getting a website ranked highly on Google search. PPC (pay-per-click) was also just a tactic to help drive traffic to your website by paying for clicks on Google search in the ad section.

Digital brand consulting isn’t about tactics, it’s about building a strategy. What’s the point in driving 1000’s of people to your website if they don’t turn into leads or customers? Is it worth running paid search advertising campaigns if the content on your page doesn’t have a high quality score? What is a quality score for that matter? When you pay for SEO, what are you actually paying for? Is the SEO or PPC agency that you’re working with giving you all of the information you need to see how effective their results are? What is the cost of acquisition of a new client or lead using these strategies and is it worth it to you and your business?  These are the questions we think about at The Dibraco Agency and when we sit down with you, we’ll develop a strategy that makes sense for your small business.

You Still Haven’t Told Me Exactly What You Do!

This is by design. We build relationships with our digital marketing clients, which means we can’t just sell you an SEO package. In fact, we would encourage you to ask a lot of qualifying questions to any company that wants to sell you a recurring package. The simple fact is, there are no guarantees of top page rankings that any agency can ever give you. There are also very competitive keywords in certain industries and markets. At the end of the day, we want to help you make the best use of your digital marketing budget, without putting you in a contract. That’s what we believe a partnership is, we succeed when you succeed.

So let’s start a conversation so we can get a feel for your business needs. We want to understand your goals so we can start making suggestions and developing the best strategy for your company. Of course we’d love the chance to earn your business, but let’s find out what the best ways to begin our relationship will be. Call us at 919-336-6924.


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