Southeast Pools NC |

A Web Design Case Study & Digital Marketing Case Study


Southeast Pools NC, came to the The Dibraco Agency with a pretty bad hack on their website. The company who had been maintaining their site made them aware of the hack, but didn’t offer any viable solutions for them.  The hack had websites in Japan (and a few other countries) building links into their site. For Google, illegitimate back links are a serious no-no.

Overall, the website had some other issues that needed to be addressed. First, their old domain name ended in .co and there was another website with the same name, but that owned the .com.  This means that many people who might have been trying to go to their website were actually going to a website of a pool company that wasn’t even in the state. Because of this, we changed their domain name to what you see now.

By changing the domain name, we were able to get rid of the spammy backlinks that were coming into their site. We also did design tweaks that helped make the site more conversion friendly.  Finally, we set them up on Google Analytics, Google Search Console (webmaster tools), and Bing Webmaster Tools, so we could start gaining insight on where they stood from an organic search standpoint.

When our team started with them, they were ranking on 58 different organic search terms, with around 1900 impressions (not clicks). 3 months later, they are ranking on 280+ different organic search terms and have had 9000 impressions in a 28 day period.

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